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Your appointment with Zen Pics.
We try to be at the shop in Maó on most days but as we are working professionals it is quite possible that we will be on commission somewhere on the island. If you do not wish to risk a speculative visit please phone us or use this form to make a booking at your convenience anytime between 8am and 8pm Monday to Saturday. We speak English as our first language but we also have a Spanish / Catalan speaker who can help you.

In the studios.
We charge studio time by the half hour, the current price is €50 per half hour.
Unless you have a very large family or many pets, 30 minutes is normally more than enough time.
We will discuss what you want from your photographs with you before the shoot, normally over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. You are only charged for the time in the studio though (not for talking to us). We think it is very important that we get to know you and make you feel comfortable. If you want your child photographed please bring a few things that they love like a doll or teddy bear, it will help them relax.
After the shoot it will take a few days for us to process your photos, we will email or phone you when they are ready.
Each of your photos is crafted much like an artist paints with a brush, we will not just sit you in the studios and give you a collection of average pictures. At Zen Pics you are buying art.

The photos will be in a password protected gallery that only you can access. The photos will be free to download as many times as you like in full size. We do not delete your gallery so it is yours to keep and acts as a back up for your photos.

We will typically upload ten photos to your gallery, if you want more or you have a very large group of people we will upload more photos but we may charge an extra fee for this.
Please note that we DO NOT use your private photos in any way, however we retain the copyright on the photos. Unless you wish to use the photos commercially this will not be an issue. If you have concerns please talk to us!
If you do not have access to the internet we can put the photos on CD or DVD for you. There is an extra €5 fee for this.
Printing the photos costs extra.
You can print the photos using our web site (have a look at the Buy art link to see how this works) or we can arrange for prints to be delivered to our shop (the costs will need to be pre-paid). We accept payments in cash or debit / credit cards, but not by cheque, unless guaranteed with a card.

We hope to see you very soon!

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