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What is Smart Backup?
For an annual fee of €9.99 you get a private gallery on our website where you can store and automatically back up your photos.

How much data can I store?
There is a limit of 1 Gigabyte per gallery, a lot of pictures! You may have other galleries, each for an extra € 9.99 a year.

Are my photos safe and secure?
Your gallery is stored on Amazon's servers, which are the gold standard in the cloud for safe storage. The gallery is not visible on our website and only you have the link to it. The gallery also has a strong password. You can add or delete photos from your gallery at any time.

Are there any restrictions?
We have strict policies on pornography and images that may offend. Read about them on our terms and conditions. If you decide to cancel your gallery, just let us know. Sorry, but no partial refunds for the remainder of the year. The Gallery will be deleted and your subscription will not be renewed. Make sure your photos are copied elsewhere before canceling.

Other storage sites are free why do you charge me a fee?
When you buy a gallery you designate a photo in the gallery for us to edit. Each year you can nominate another picture for us to edit for free. At any time you may ask us to work on another photo in your gallery. This will only cost you € 5 Have an old family photo? Use a scanner to create a digital copy (or take the photo to our shop so we can make a copy) Download the image to your gallery, and we'll restore it to its original state. Do you want a photo edited, improved or just made ​​better? We can do that. Note that the images you give us to work with should be at least one megabyte in size.

Can I print my photos from my gallery?
Yes. It's easy to print your photos through the website. This costs extra, but the prints are delivered to your home and are of professional quality.

So to summarise...
For only 9,99 € per year you get your own private password protected gallery. You can upload thousands of photos for free. You select a photo and we will restore or edit it to suit. If you want other photos edited and restored it only costs € 5 each You can visit our store to upload your old printed photos in your gallery, for free.

How do I sign up?
Visit our shop in Maó, email us and we will create a gallery and send you an invoice, or simply give us a phone call. We will send you an email when everything is ready, usually within 24 hours.

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